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You Asked, We Answered

Do ENECON products fly? Which countries do you ship to?

Yes, all ENECON systems fly when properly packaged, with the exception of our DuraFill system whose activator component exceeds the allowed volume permitted by IATA. 

Having said that, we deliver globally via road transport wherever possible to minimize transport costs, subject to a prompt local availability check.

Do ENECON Advanced Polymer Systems expire?

No, ENECON systems do not have an expiration date, even if partially mixed. Just place the lid back on the base and activator units & tuck them away safely in the ship's repair locker.

The unmixed quantity will perform in the future exactly as on production date. No fears of a solidified activator component or underperforming base component when you need them most.

This is why our marine clients prefer keeping ENECON in their vessels' repair lockers. Their money is wisely spent with ENECON.

How much does ENECON cost?

Do you need a 1kg unit, a dozen kg or a dozen dozens? 

Contact us for details:

Call via WhatsApp, Messenger or Viber
+30 6946 658 998

Do you offer application services?


Our question is:

Do you really need them? ENECON systems are simple to use. Our remote support before or during the application is free of charge. The success of the application is after all as much our concern as it is yours.

Aside from the technical sheets and instructions which accompany the products, we offer our insights and experience whenever asked. 

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